[Relief with just this] Preparations that a man should do to make a woman reach orgasm on SEX

sitting-woman-with-underwear SEX

Hello, this is Mote gentleman.

I have met many women through Twitter and have sex with them.


In this article, I will introduce a love set that men should have so that they can achieve a certain goal.

It’s based on my experience and knowledge that I have cultivated so far.


The goals are

  1. You can smoothly invite a woman to bed and make her reach an orgasm.
  2. Women are delighted and SEX invitations come from her side.


It’s not a date invitation.
It is an invitation of SEX.


If you fascinate a woman firmly, you will be seriously inviting SEX straightly.


So what do you think men should do to get there?

In this article, I will introduce in detail “What kind of preparation should men make to win her heart ?”


Do you think “Relationships with women do not last long” ?
Do you think “It’s hard for women to be popular” ?
If you have any problems with women, I recommend you to read this article.


Preparations a man should make to reach a woman orgasm on SEX

It is very important for a man to maintain his body on a regular basis in order to ensure that you win her heart.


  • Get the nutrients you need
  • Train your body


Please prepare the following items to execute them.

  1. Supplement
  2. Self-discipline item
  3. Onaho (masturbation hall)




If a man can’t get an erection, he can’t talk at all.

However, it is said that many modern people are suffering from a new type of malnutrition that seems to be nourished but not taken.


Therefore, there are many cases where the nutrients necessary for erection are not taken, So there are many people who are worried and wonder if “I’m ED ? ”

For those who are losing confidence, “I’m not feeling well …”, it is recommended to take supplements first.


By the way, the following two are the most recommended.
It has the best balance in terms of both cost and effectiveness.


The manufacturer is safe and famous DHC in Japan.


Also, if you want to know more about supplements, please refer to the following article as well.



Self-discipline item

When your body’s muscle strength weakens due to lack of exercise, testosterone decreases and the following symptoms appear.


Physical symptoms


  • Excessive fatigue and malaise
  • Decreased libido and decreased male function such as ED (erectile dysfunction)
  • Insomnia and stiff shoulders


Psychological symptoms


  • Decline of energy
  • Loss of concentration
  • Frustrated
  • Depression


Quote: https://www.clinicfor.life/articles/a-064/


Of particular note is ED (Erectile Dysfunction).
With a weak erection, it is almost impossible to satisfy a woman with SEX.

No matter how hard you try, a man with a weak erection will not satisfy a woman.

Therefore, for men who are not confident in their erection, it is recommended that you first train your body with muscle training.


However, we do not recommend the following men to purchase this muscle training item.


  • People who don’t usually exercise at all
  • People with weak will
  • People who are overweight


If you are such a person, please refrain from purchasing.
This is because muscle training does not last long and is likely to be frustrated in that case.

Frustration can lead to guilt and loss of self-confidence.


“Confidence” is one of the most important factors to be popular.


Confident men are popular with women.
However, when he is frustrated by muscle training, he loses his confidence.
The consciousness of “Can I drop a woman if I am frustrated by the muscle training I started to get popular?” Is caught in my heart, and my ambition disappears.

If that happens, it’s better not to do it from the beginning.


So what should you do?

It’s about starting small muscle training.

Muscle training is not just about using equipment such as dumbbells.

Even without the equipment, it is a sufficient load for a person who lacks exercise.

Please search for exercise videos on Youtube etc. and try it.

(In addition, an article for beginners of muscle training will be published soon. We will also introduce it with the URL here.)


Onaho (masturbation hall)

In many cases, premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation cannot satisfy a woman unless she has little experience and is not accustomed to the pleasure of insertion.

I will explain why the masturbation hall is effective in each case.


Premature ejaculation

Unfortunately, premature ejaculation is extremely unlikely to satisfy women.
Of course, women don’t say “I wasn’t satisfied”.
She may encourage you with a cute smile.

Inwardly, disappointed.

And at a later date, a quarrel breaks out for some other reason, and the woman leaves.

He always gets acme immediately after inserting it … and it dissatisfied me.

I wonder if I should switch to another man.


If the insertion time is short, women will not be able to reach her orgasm.

Woman’s orgasm is directly linked to SEX satisfaction.

As you may have noticed, the woman you have dated in the past with premature ejaculation was also acting.


It’s tough, but unless you fix premature ejaculation, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to really win her heart.


Premature ejaculation needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

And you need to get used to the ecstasy.
Let’s train every day using Onaho (masturbation hall).


When you feel ejaculation, get relaxed and stop your acme.


Keep your erection even when relaxed.

In order for a woman to live in the middle, it is necessary to continue to stimulate G-spot and Portio with a constant rhythm.
Therefore, it is recommended that you understand “how much you move before you ejaculate” and “how long you can put up with ejaculation” before going to the actual SEX.

Get used to it and train to increase the insertion time.

In addition, if there are a thousand women’s vagina, there are thousands of different feelings.
It doesn’t make sense without special training in as many types of masturbators as possible.
Practice different types and get used to the pleasure of a woman’s vagina.

Delayed ejaculation



“Delayed ejaculation” is the greatest weapon for a man.


You can be proud of yourself !


Because it can be inserted until the woman is satisfied.

People tend to think that premature ejaculation is better than delayed ejaculation because women suffer when the insertion time is too long, but that is not the case at all.

Delayed ejaculation is disliked because some people continue to use violently bad pistons with insufficient moisture.


Of course, bad guys need to make efforts to improve their technique and mentality, but delayed ejaculation is a completely different story.

If you use coconut oil, which is one of the basic sets introduced below, you can insert it smoothly even if you are not good at SEX, and women will be very pleased.

If you can’t finish (ejaculate) at all with insertion, it’s probably because you get used to the strong stimulus of masturbation and feel the pleasure of insertion weakly.

Let’s stop the stimulating masturbation that squeezes the penis with your hands and switch to the weak stimulating masturbation using Onaho from today.

As I mentioned earlier to those with premature ejaculation, if there are a thousand women’s vagina, there are a thousand different feelings.
Similarly, delayed ejaculation is meaningless unless special training is given to as many types of masturbators as possible.
Practice different types and get used to the pleasure of a woman’s vagina.


Now SEX! Basic set to bring on a date

  • Condom
  • Coconut oil
  • Iran Iran

Be sure to bring a condom in particular.
You can stop by a convenience store before going to the hotel and buy it with a drink together.


Condoms are the minimum etiquette.
If you try to insert it without it, you will lose the trust from her at once.
Anyway, be sure to prepare it.



Coconut oil and Iran Iran don’t seem suspicious to have from your first date.
If you bring in too enthusiastic adult goods, women will be drawn to you, so keep only these basic sets until the third date.



Advanced people will develop women’s portio with vibes

If you can date women, you will have a relationship of trust with them.

When that happens, it’s the next step.

Let’s keep a woman until you can’t live without you.


The key point for that is Porcio orgasm.


With Porcio orgasm, women will be more satisfied with SEX and will want to meet you again.

Also, as Portio development progresses with SEX with you and it becomes cool many times, women will gradually get sick with just a feather touch.

It is a so-called brain-orgasm.
The woman’s brain remembers SEX with you, and the woman’s body begins to react just by touching it, and it immediately gets acme.

It looks like Pavlov’s dog.

At this point, the woman greedily asks for a penis insertion, forgets herself and panting like a beast.

As a man, it’s a great pleasure.


However, in order to bring it to that state, it is necessary to develop women firmly in Portio.

Therefore, we recommend the development of Portio using a vibrator.


Using a vibrator has the following advantages.


  • Sufficient length and hardness can be secured
  • The angle and depth can be adjusted easily
  • Even people with premature ejaculation can develop for a long time
  • Stimulated with a constant rhythm


I have met dozens of women and tried various vibes.
Among them, I will post the vibes that were popular with women (become crazy) below, so if you find something that interests you, I recommend you to try it.

To be honest, which vibe suits each woman is different, so you have to give it a try. If it doesn’t fit, buy a different vibe and try it.


Never reuse a used vibrator for another woman.
Not only do women dislike it, but it is also not good for hygiene such as venereal diseases.
This is true even if you are using a condom.


However, it would cost money to buy a new vibrator …

Isn’t it okay to reuse it for other women?

I know it’s a waste of money, but don’t worry about this cost and make sure you buy a new vibe for each woman. This is because body fluids may adhere to the beat of something and cause venereal diseases.

This is etiquette.


If you don’t have money, make more money, instead of risking women by squeezing money.

Summary: Preparation is essential to get a woman

How was it after seeing so far?

Some people may be reluctant to prepare.
However, this much preparation is required to make a woman sick.


It may be a little tough, but it’s a sweet idea to say that you’re going to be a woman without preparing anything.


SEX with women is a mellow fruit for men who have continued their efforts.

If you prepare well, you will have a much higher chance of having sex with a woman and maintaining a good relationship.


Please be prepared and have a good SEX life.


Good luck !