Why coconut oil is better than baby oil as sex lotion

couple in bed SEX

Are there any of the following that apply to you?


  • I want to live inside
  • I want to get more consciousness
  • SEX is painful and can’t be helped
  • I’m not on good terms with my boyfriend / husband
  • SEX with boyfriend / husband is boring
  • I want to enjoy SEX more and more
  • I want to use any item in SEX, but I’m embarrassed and can’t tell my partner

If even one is true, I highly recommend trying doTERRA’s coconut oil.


You may be able to experience the best SEX you have never felt before.



Why coconut oil is better than baby oil as sex lotion


Baby oil is said to have a risk of melting condoms, depending on the ingredients used.

Taking risks has no merit.


Ingredients of baby oil ・・・ Is it okay to get into the vagina?
Smell ・・・ Chemical odors are stressful and difficult to live.




Certainly, it is made of ingredients that are milder and gentler to the body than those used by normal adults.

After all, baby oil is an oil developed for babies.


However, it is still a chemically created artificial object.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients of typical baby oils here.





Principal component

Ethylhexyl palmitate, isostearyl alcohol, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, squalane, cholesteryl isostearate, ceramide NP



Hmm … many components (sweat)

Even if you look at the names of the ingredients, you cannot understand what they are. .. ..


On the other hand, let’s take a look at doTERRA’s coconut oil.





Principal component
(Capryl / capric acid) Triglyceryl

ドテラ ココナッツオイル | Fractionated Coconut Oil | doTERRA Essential Oils
ドテラ ココナッツオイルは、すばやく肌になじんで、効率的に肌へとオイルを運ぶ、自然の素材だけを使った理想的なキャリアオイルです。エモリエント効果のある羽毛のようにやさしいタッチのオイルが、毛穴を詰まらせずに皮膚を落ち着かせるので、乾燥肌やトラブル肌に使用するのに適しています。他の植物性のキャリアオイルとは異なり、肌をべ...



This ingredient called triglycerel.


The point is low viscosity (smooth) oil.


It has a light feel and is refreshing, so it is often used to improve the feel of creams and emulsions.


Also, as you know, coconut oil can be used for cooking normally.


In recent years, it has attracted a great deal of attention as a healthy oil that is resistant to oxidation, easily becomes energy, is cholesterol-free, and is free of trans fatty acids.


The vagina is the mucous membrane and absorbs various things.
Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the sex oil used for SEX.



Baby oil contains a lot of ingredients that you can’t understand even if you read it.

Instead, I want to use simple and healthy oil.



It makes it easier for women to live in the vagina


What’s good about using coconut oil for SEX is that it greatly increases the chances that women will get sick.


When I say this
Some may wonder, “Does coconut oil contain ingredients that induce alive in women?”, But that’s not the case.


So why does coconut oil help women get better?


There are five reasons for this.


  1. Very smooth and can be inserted smoothly
  2. No unpleasant stickiness over time and no discomfort during SEX
  3. Eliminates frictional pain and allows women to focus on pleasure
  4. Because the pleasure lasts, you can climb up
  5. Since things are carried smoothly, men can feel at ease and it is difficult to fold in the middle.


To be clear, there is no reason not to use coconut oil.
That’s the only merit.


“I want to have sex with SEX!”
“I want to enjoy SEX even more !!”


If you think that way, I highly recommend using coconut oil.


The benefits of using coconut oil in SEX are also introduced in the following articles, so please take a look.

You can get the best SEX by adding some essential oils to coconut oil.





For coconut oil, doTERRA’s coconut oil 1 choice




For coconut oil, we recommend doTERRA’s coconut oil.


By the way, I’m neither doTERRA’s stemmer nor Sakura.
Nevertheless, there is a reason to push doTERRA so clearly.


DoTERRA’s essential oils are 100% extracted from natural ingredients.


As you know, a woman’s body is very delicate.

If it contains any chemical components, it may cause skin irritation and irritation.


A woman’s vagina is mucous membrane, even if she doesn’t feel rough.

It absorbs various things into the body.

The chemical components that have penetrated into the body may accumulate in the body and eventually cause problems such as allergic symptoms.


By the way, as an aside, the same thing can be said for foods that you usually eat.

Please see the ingredient list of processed foods in the refrigerator.
Anything is fine.


What is written?


  • Fragrance
  • Coloring
  • Preservative
  • Sweetener
  • Extract


Most of these are artificially made chemicals.

Even if you buy a small one, you will find that it actually contains a tremendous number of chemical components.

In addition, most foods are department stores of chemical ingredients, such as those that use chemical ingredients to improve the taste.


As you can see, most of the products that are indispensable for daily life, even those that you usually eat, contain ingredients that are not good for your body.


In that respect, DoTERRA products do not contain any extra additives, so you can use them with confidence.


It is extremely dangerous to blindly trust all the products for sale.

Check the contents with your own eyes and be aware that you will protect yourself.


Above all, for your own body.